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The Hillsboro District Food Pantry was organized in the late 1980’s  in a small space on West Main Street in Hillsboro, NH.  A few years later the Pantry was offered the use of a building in town that BankNorth was trying to sell (7 Church Street). They were gracious enough to allow us to use it until it sold. Unfortunately for the bank, but fortunately for us, it remained unsold.

In 2002 BankNorth generously donated the building to the Pantry, and the property it sat on.


A few years later in 2009, after acquiring the building, it was in need of an upgrade. Thankfully, a local Hillsboro contractor suggested we rebuild. He felt it would be cheaper to build a new building than to attempt to fix up the original one. He offered to donate his time and coordinate with other contractors in town who would also donate their time, and skills. The Pantry would be required to invest money for the materials. It was then that we started a massive fundraising campaign.

It was estimated that we needed to raise $125,000 for materials. During the time of construction Wyman’s Chevrolet gave us use of one of their buildings to continue distributing food from.  Approximately 1 year later, January 23rd, 2010 we had a new building.


Our new building is a state of the art, two story building. In addition to the pantry, it houses a clothing closet upstairs which offers free clothing to people in need.

The pantry is open every Tuesday from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. We take donations every Tuesday from 4:00-4:30pm .  At present, we service roughly 65-85 families per week.  We have a group of approximately 55 volunteers who, in groups of 4-5 weekly, do everything from pick up food, pack the bags for distribution, sort donated food items, and breakdown boxes, among other things.


As blessed as we are with volunteers, and support of donated food items, there is still a cost to running a pantry, including purchasing food when donations are low and paying the electric and heating bill. That is why one of the board members suggested the idea for a fundraiser called the “Feinstein Challenge”.

A gentleman named Alan Shawn Feinstein put up $1 million dollars of his own money as a grant. Non-profits such as food pantries across the country, including ours, would  actively fund-raise during the months of March and April. At the end of April, the final total of all donations was then sent  to the Feinstein Organization who figured out with a formula of theirs how much each non-profit would receive from their million dollar grant. Our first year, 2012, we made $9693.46. Money raised was $6586.46, pledges were $520, and food Items donated, which were valued at $1 per can or per pound, came to $2587.

This was a fantastic fundraiser for us. We did this annually for the following three years. Then, in what would have been our fourth year, they canceled the Feinstein Challenge. They had decided to use their money in another area. That’s when we came up with the idea for the Hillsboro Challenge. It’s basically mimics the Feinstein Challenge, but, instead of a grant of $1 million dollars, I simply ask businesses in the area to make a pledge of $100. The generosity of the businesses in town usually gives us a pool of between $1500- $2000.  In order to receive the monies pledged by the businesses the community must, independent of the businesses, raise a pre-set goal of $10,000. 

How to Help

Please help the Hillsboro District Food Pantry this year for it to be their best year ever.  There are several ways you can do this:

Our mailing address is: 
Hillsboro District Food Pantry
107 Windsor Road
Hillsboro, NH 03244

Click Here to download a pledge form.


OR call Gene Gould at (603) 464-4007

We are grateful for donations at any time during the year!

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