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2020 Hillsboro Challenge Final Update

Hi everyone… well, once again, the people, businesses, and organizations in the Hillsboro area never cease to amaze me. Unfortunately, our annual fundraiser, the “Hillsboro Challenge 2020”,ended up being held in the middle of a pandemic, but even so we reached our goal of $10,000 and then some. Through the generosity of businesses- $2231, organizations- $1355, food/personal care items donated (valued at $1 each)- $1784, pledges made- $325, private donations- $9634, for a grand total of $15,329. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!
Those thank yous go out to the following:

Businesses- Roasted Root Café, VIP, Ollie’s Treasure Chest, Upton and Hatfield LLP, Pat Nash Reality, Great Brook Veterinary Clinic, Dumont’s Barber Shop, Two Girls Bakery and Gift Shop, Bank Of New Hampshire, High Tide Take Out, Dunkin Donuts, Shaws for 50 cases of food, Shaws Give Back Program, Santander Bank staff and customers, Monadnock Paper Mill Inc., Allen Williams Store, Withington Auction Inc., Grimard Auto Sales (in memory of Wesley Wells).

Organizations- Hillsboro Lions Club, Valley Bible Chapel, Fuller Public Library, Hillsboro Deering Federation of Teachers. Smith Congregational Church, Hillsboro Deering Elementary, Hillsboro Deering Support Staff, Pope Memorial SPCA, I Pad Plan, Henniker Rotary Club, Osram Sylvania’s “Lighten Up Committee.”
Pledges- Mama McDonoughs, Ollie’s Treasure Chest, Utopia Machine Works.
Food Drives- Fuller Public Library, Roasted Root Café, VIP, Ollie’s Treasure Chest, Hillsboro / Deering Support Staff.

Private Donations- Marjorie Porter, Patricia Nash, Harry G. Anderson, Connie Fraser, Mr. Jonathan Rheault, Linda Stellato, Colby Millspaugh, Thomas A. and Constance N. Fraser, Mrs. Mary Ellen D. Tanamly, Sue McPhee, Richard Marshall and Sue’s Clients, Dennis Murdough, Vincent and Ciecciola (to celebrate Don Di Bocno’s 50th), Carl and Debra Moskey, James and Jolayne Boynton, Cheryl Houston and Richard McNamara, Rev. Donna Vuilleumier, Doug and Judy Hatfield, Nancy Sheridan, Lynn Soule and Mapleleaf residents, Judi Herman, John Bramley, Dorothy Peuraharju, Donna Vuilleumier, Joyce Peace, Veda O’Neill, Julie Jones and Marcia Stephens, Thomas and Tamara McClure, Karen Plante, Maria Barrow and Joseph Bichel, Herbert Frederick, Nancy Shee, Walter and Bonnie Morse, Eugene and Julia Herbert, Ron Aino Elliot, Linda Magnin, Susan and Ray Barker, Sara Cannel and her co. for fresh broccoli, M’Ellen fresh fruit and vegetables, Guy and Sharon Bibeau for many dozens of eggs, Diana Lind eggs and groceries, Morrisons for groceries, Pepperidge Farm Todd McLay many box’s of product.

Thank you again, I hope not, but if I missed anyone my sincerest apologies.


2020 Hillsboro Challenge

HILLSBOROUGH, NH, March 2, 2020 — This an exciting time for the Hillsboro District Food Pantry.  Once again, March 1 marks the beginning of the Hillsboro Challenge, the Food Pantry’s annual fundraising campaign. Each year during the Challenge the Food Pantry requests donations of money, food, and personal care items from the community.  To help these donations go even further, the Food Pantry simultaneously challenges local businesses to pledge their financial support.  If the Food Pantry meets their fundraising goal – this year $10,000 – through community donations by April 30, local businesses then make good on their pledges.

The Pantry is off to a strong start to this year’s challenge.  The following business have pledged their support:  Bank of New Hampshire, Dumont’s Barber Shop, Great Brook Veterinary Clinic, Hillsboro Food and Beverage, Hillsboro-Deering Support Staff, Mama Mc Donough’s, Mark Lawson Automotive, Ming Du Chinese Food Restaurant, Ollie’s Treasure Shop (formally Second Life Thrift), Pat Nash Reality, Roasted Root Café, The Fuller Public Library, The Storage Barn, Two Girls Bakery and Gift Shop, Upton and Hatfield, Utopia Machine Works, Vaillancourt Fuels, VIP Auto Parts

To offer a donation, please mail a check made out to the Hillsboro District Food Pantry to:  Gene Gould, c/o Hillsboro District Food Pantry, P.O. Box 1525, Hillsborough, NH 03244 or contact Gene directly at 603-464-4007.


The Hillsboro District Food Pantry, supported by approximately 50 volunteers, has helped families in Hillsboro, Washington, Deering, and Windsor since 1989.  In November 2019 the Pantry provided 3,558 meals to 107 households made up of 593 individuals, including 99 children and 31 elderly citizens.  They also coordinated and distributed 67 Thanksgiving meals.  As a non-profit, the Hillsboro District Food Pantry relies on local community members and businesses for donations of time, money, and goods to keep their doors open. [The Hillsboro District Food Pantry is a non-profit organization located in Hillsborough, NH providing food and personal care supplies to local families in need.

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